Our Mission:

My name is Bonnye McCoy, and as the Founding Director of L3 Dynamics I would like to invite you to entertain a new way of thinking, living and interacting with your family.

The vision of L3 Dynamics is to give the familial unit freedom training from  distractions, and to cultivate lasting unity. This vision aligns with the methodologies inclusive of, but not limited to:  eliminating the screens and adventuring in the world together; optimum educational experiences directed at growth;  empowerment; streamlining beneficial behavioral strategies that can be applied and generalized; assistance in a collaborative way free of judgement.

L3 facilitates your journey in a way that allows your family life to adopt  attitudes of gratefulness for new and challenging tasks.  The desire of L3 is to have an intentional impact with you. As you are thinking, loving and living with one another, L3 hopes to assist in planting adventurous and dynamic time together as a top priority in relationship building within your family unit.