Our Mission:

My name is Bonnye McCoy and as the founder of L3 Dynamics I would like to invite you to entertain a new way of thinking, living and interacting with your co-workers, spouses, clients and children. We live in a societal infrastructure that challenges us, and often attempts to dictate to us a ‘normal’.


The vision of L3 Dynamics aligns with the methodologies inclusive of but not limited to:  optimum educational experiences directed at growth;  empowerment; streamlining beneficial strategies that can be applied and generalized; assistance in a collaborative way free of judgement.

This vision allows false ideals of societal ‘norms’ to be identified and handled together.

L3 facilitates in a way that allows challenges to be embraced with the goal ultimately of acceptance presented in an empathetic way. The desire of L3 is to have an intentional impact with you.